EDITIVE is the <mark>GitHub</mark> for <mark>Enterprise Content</mark>. Technology
EDITIVE is the <mark>GitHub</mark> for <mark>Enterprise Content</mark>.

EDITIVE is the GitHub for Enterprise Content.

From Open Source. To Open Enterprise.

Inspired by the collaboration in the software development

Linus Torvalds has revolutionized developer collaboration in open source software with Git as a version control system. The result is platforms like GitHub for collaboration between developers based on Git.

Inspired by these mechanisms and technologies from software development, EDITIVE is a revolutionary platform for collaboration of enterprise content. Based on a proprietary technology and version control optimized for text.

Source texts


Worldwide leading platform for exchange with more than 40 million developers.


Leading version control for source code versioning.

Line-Based Diff

Line based comparison for source code to identify differences.

Enterprise Content


Platform for collaboration on texts, beyond company and organizational boundaries.

Content Control

Audit-proof version control system for efficient content storage.


Recognition and visualization of differences in prosaic texts.

HD-Diff. Makes the difference.

HD-Diff¹ stands for High Definition Diff¹, a algorithm developed by EDITIVE to identify and visualize differences between two or more text versions of common or different origin.

Status Quo

Diff technologies of current solutions usually work line-based, so that the semantics of the changes cannot be reflected. Most of the time this results in a paragraph-level recognition.

Detection and understanding of the visualization of:

Insertions 70%
Deletions 70%
Formatting 40%
Movements 20%
Magic Combos 0%

Eddy with HD-Diff

HD-Diff recognizes the changes made by the user without requiring any knowledge of the creation process (Zero Knowledge of Operations). Changes are identified and visualized at rendering level.

Identification and understanding of the visualization of:

Insertions 100%
Deletions 100%
Formatting 100%
Movements 100%
Magic Combos 100%

Try for yourself

The changes detected at the character level are visualized in color using current web technologies and Eddy and HD-Diff for easy understanding. Thus, shifts are linked, which simplifies efficient navigation between versions.


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Magic Combo

from the above text operations

¹ “HD” is not related to the initials of our CTO… 😉


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