New <strike>work</strike> <mark>way</mark>. To contract.
<mark>Know</mark> the Difference. <mark>Make</mark> the Difference. New <strike>work</strike> <mark>way</mark>. To contract.
<mark>Know</mark> the Difference. <mark>Make</mark> the Difference.

New work way. To contract.
Know the Difference. Make the Difference.

10x Contract & Legal Management.

Discover crucial differences

The visual assistant Eddy for text comparison and commitment supports companies in the legal environment in their digital workflows. The algorithm developed by EDITIVE recognizes changes in documents 10x more accurately and visualizes them 10x more efficiently.

Identifying differences has never been so easy.

The core of EDITIVE Scout is the HD-Diff algorithm. It recognizes movements and, in addition, combinations with insertions, deletions or formatting changes. This means that text changes are detected in seconds.


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Rethink processes for text and version comparisons from the ground up newly and digitally .

EDITIVE reduces the effort and risks involved in comparing legal documents. The amount of data digitally transmitted by clients is constantly increasing. The same applies to the most diverse file formats. EDITIVE is a legal-tech spin-off of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. With the visual assistant Eddy – based on a text algorithm for recognizing text and text differences – changes in legal documents are visualized. Updates and changes are captured in seconds. The risk of missing something is almost eliminated. With the Eddy wizard, lawyers stay in control and speed up the comparison of legal documents. Effort and reading time are significantly reduced. Collaboration with clients becomes faster and more secure.

Contract is good. Automated control is better.
Digital text comparisons.

Contracts, contract templates, patent specifications, general terms and conditions, legal texts and other legal documents are compared and checked within seconds: Text contents are immediately evaluated by the recognition and visualization of changes and can thus be processed directly. All differences are immediately visible, whether on page 1 or 1,000. With the Eddy algorithm, differences in legal documents are automatically recognized and processed regardless of their complexity, without having to know the content. No matter what file format. Legal knowledge and documents thus become truly digital.

Reliable version comparisons are a challenge:

  • The amount of digital data increases daily
  • Different data formats
  • Complicated formatting and enumerations
  • Flood of document versions and changes
  • Creation of updates and summaries for clients
  • Fast workflows within the law firm, with clients and the counterparty

Eddy Visual Assistant

Revolution of text comparisons – advantages in the legal environment


Instead of documents, comparisons can be shared internally and with clients using data spaces. That way, everyone is "on track". The e-mail ping-pong of documents and new versions is a thing of the past.


10x faster text comparison and 10x better visualization of differences for absolute accuracy and reliability. Manual version comparisons are therefore no longer necessary. All differences are revealed.

Reliable Version Control

No more version chaos: Previous versions are automatically saved and always retrievable and therefore comparable. Changes to a document can be traced back to the first version at any time.

Complex Extensive Documents

In large documents, differences are immediately visualized, directly in the relevant text sections. Whether on page 1 or 5.000. Unchanged text passages are hidden, allowing direct focus on changes.

Handling of all common file formats

Different file formats such as PDF and docx can now be compared with each other: easy merging of different versions of legal documents for fast creation, collaboration and negotiation.

Easy export and integration with IT

Version comparisons are exported to a PDF with just one click and can be stored in the archive system. An automated retrieval can be done via the interface.

Process reliability in the workflows

Due to the high degree of automation, a text comparison is also possible for non-lawyers and thus offers relief for the lawyers. A preliminary check of legal documents provides a quick basis for decisions and helps in reliable workflows.

From any device at any time

Working on legal documents is possible on any device at any time. The algorithm reliably delivers the result. Whether at 5 a.m. or 11 p.m. Whether on the smartphone, in the cloud or directly in the browser. Highest performance and flexibility.

New changes immediately visible

All innovations are immediately recognizable. The algorithm focuses on new text additions. Changes that are new are automatically highlighted and visualized. So you are immediately up to date in projects or before meetings.

See for yourself and feel the difference

The visual assistant “Eddy” is based on a text algorithm for recognizing text and text differences. The changes detected at the drawing level are visualized in color and using current web technologies using HD-Diff for easy understanding. Thus, shifts are linked, which simplifies efficient navigation between versions.

Customer Testimonials

Eddy is so valuable to me because it gives me certainty when comparing important text documents. It shows me immediately visually whether or which contents have changed, e.g. in a draft contract. Instead of tediously comparing documents, I can use Eddy to compare important files in a user-friendly and reliable way.

Sandra Weigert
Management WEIGERT + KUNDE Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Use Cases

Eddy supports a manual comparison, which supports you, you do the comparison yourself, you have a tool at hand, which makes it 10x faster

  • Comparison of any number of documents (peer review) of different length and structure
  • A test document of any length and structure is compared against a given template (sample) page by page
  • Advantage 1: The template and the test document can be completely different in terms of size and page type
  • Advantage 2: With the 1:n comparison, different test scenarios can be implemented, independent of the type and size of the template (reference) and the test document
  • A synoptic result report in PDF format provides both accuracy and reliability: textual differences are visually processed. The individual pages of the sample (reference) are displayed next to each other with the test document, while unaffected text sections are hidden.

Business Cases

It is particularly easy to copy texts on the Internet. It is difficult for companies to check whether web texts are copied. Plagiarism and copied texts are reliably detected.
EDITIVE provides support if a dispute arises about the authorship of content.

From now on, any changes in terms and conditions, laws or licenses are immediately recognized and fully visualized by the algorithm. Silent updates are now a thing of the past.

This complete life cycle of a contract, contract changes cleanly in the system, the contract is always up to date, shared with all stakeholders, your interest in knowing the contract. Updates of the contract are stored in the data space.


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