Taina Temmen

Chief Operating Officer COO

As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Taina Temmen is responsible for the areas of operations, finance, marketing, organization, processes and human resources. She has built up an e-commerce startup early on and accompanied it to a successful exit. Taina Temmen brings her expertise from the industry, where she was responsible for major brands in top management. As an expert in change management, she specializes in cost savings and faster time to market through lean processes and organizational development in a digital disruptive age. Since 2016 she has been on the board of the German Marketing Association. In addition, she heads the Competence Circles Technology, Innovation & Management #ccTIM in Germany.

Hannes Dohrn​

Chief Technology Officer CTO

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Hannes Dohrn is responsible for development and technology. He has been the main developer of the technology behind EDITIVE since 2009 and takes on the role of head of development and chief architect at EDITIVE. Hannes Dohrn has a very high level of expertise in software engineering and document processing thanks to his many years of research and development activities at the Chair for Open Source Software at the Friedrich-Alexander University.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle

CS Chief Scientist

Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle, MBA, has the function of “Chief Scientist” at EDITIVE. Before Prof. Riehle was appointed to the Friedrich-Alexander-University, he was head of the Open Source Research department at SAP Labs in Silicon Valley. Prior to this, he had already built up start-ups in the software industry in Berlin. Together with Hannes Dohrn, he started research on the technology behind EDITIVE nine years ago and will continue to play a decisive role in shaping the strategy and success of EDITIVE as an advisor. Through his professorship for open source software and his network, Prof. Riehle is an important guide for EDITIVE with excellent expertise.

Manuel Guttenberger

Chief Executive Officer CEO

Manuel Guttenberger, M.Sc., in his function as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the spokesman of the management board and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and the raising of venture capital. In operational terms, he is responsible for sales and business development. His expertise lies particularly in technical sales and the implementation of digitalization strategies. In the past, he has built up digital business units with a focus on enterprise content management and brought innovations to market for companies: from the initial idea, through the minimum viable product (MVP) to the final product or spin-off.


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