EDITIVE Scout<mark>Know</mark> the Difference. EDITIVE Scout<mark>Know</mark> the Difference.

EDITIVE ScoutKnow the Difference.

10x better. 10x more efficient.

Compare texts. differences recognize.

The revolution in the market for text comparison: EDITIVE Scout detects changes in documents 10x better and visualizes them 10x more efficiently with the HD-Diff algorithm developed by EDITIVE.

Recognizing differences has never been so easy.

The core of EDITIVE Scout is the HD-Diff algorithm. It detects movements and, in addition, combinations with insertions, deletions or formatting changes. This allows text changes to be detected in seconds.


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Magic Combo

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EDITIVE Scout Functions

Enterprise Ready. For the next Century.

Eddy Data spaces

Definable rights management for documents in the respective data rooms: write and administration rights for the creator, team members have read access.

HD-Diff Comparison

Document comparison in the most recent dimension: All changes immediately visible in color, directly in the respective text module. No unnecessary scrolling through text-heavy documents.

Version Control

Compliance audit:  Previous versions can be retrieved and compared at any time. Changes to a document can be traced back to the first version at any time.

Text Editor

Easy editing of text files directly in the browser. With focus on content creation.


Import common data formats like PDF and Docx in seconds.


Colored version comparisons are exported to a PDF with just one click.


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