EDITIVE Collaborate<mark>Make</mark> the Difference. EDITIVE Collaborate<mark>Make</mark> the Difference.

EDITIVE CollaborateMake the Difference.

10x Focus. 10x Commitment.

Agile collaboration. Audit compliant.

EDITIVE Collaborate connects people. And documents. Focused work and crowd intelligence.
finding commitment. To make the difference together. independent of time, hierarchy and geography.

Multi Level Content Collaboration

New Work in a transparent cross-functional workflow. Top Down. And Bottom Up.
Central. And Decentralized.

Emails with file attachments Enterprise Version Control.

Initiate a project

A data space with editing facilities for documents.
With functions for 10x focus.
Shared with the team. The company. Partners. The world.

Decentralized collaboration

copies derivations for decentralized processing.
One data space per stakeholder.
Documents stay connected. For different perspectives. Version controlled.

Find Commitment

Communication of project progress and changes between stakeholders. 10x Commitment in the creation of versions. On a central platform.

Deliberately branch off

Multiple scenarios. One Various solutions. Thanks to Crowd Intelligence. In connection.

EDITIVE Collaborate Functions

Enterprise Ready. For the next Century.

Release Engine

Step-by-step authorization concept. Official release options and workflows. Structured publication of new releases.

Templating Engine

Corporate design centrally defined. Applicable to all data spaces and documents in seconds. Can be updated at any time.

API Access

We are against silos. Access to all data via REST API- Integration of EDITIVE as a collaboration platform in the enterprise IT landscape.

Eddy Data spaces

Definable rights to documents in the respective data spaces: from read rights to write and administration rights.

HD-Diff Comparison

Document comparison in the latest dimension: All changes immediately visible. Directly in the respective text module. No unnecessary scrolling through text-heavy documents.

Version Control

Compliance audit:  Previous versions can be retrieved and compared at any time. Changes to a document can be traced back to the first version at any time.

Text Editor

Easy editing of text files directly in the browser. With focus on content creation.


Import common data formats like PDF and Docx in seconds.


Colored version comparisons are exported to a PDF with just one click.


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