Your solution for efficient <mark>collaboration</mark> and versioning Your solution for efficient <mark>collaboration</mark> and versioning

Your solution for efficient collaboration and versioning

Still playing email ping pong?

Word file with latest changes are sent back and forth between all participants.

Your inbox is slowly filling up with more and more document versions and keeping an overview is getting increasingly difficult.

Sounds familar?

EDITIVE Collaborate is the perfect solution for your problem.

All participants are brought together all stakeholders and the file version chaos is getting organised.

Revisions are stored in an orderly and traceable fashion. Additionally our comparison algorithm HD-Diff detects and highlights all changes between two document versions in an easy-to-read overview.

100% free, no CC required

See the difference.

EDITIVE’s special power is visualization of document differences. Have a look how Microsoft Word compares to EDITIVE.

100% free, no CC required

Use EDITIVE Collaborate Basic for free.

You’ll be surprised how easy collaboration on documents can be and how much time you can save.

Our Pro version offers more features for expert users, e.g. options to integrate EDITIVE Collaborate into enterprise environments.

We’re looking forward to give you a personal demonstration and introduction to EDITIVE Collaborate. Please get in touch with us.


free/ free

Professional versioning
Import for Word, PDF, etc.
Document comparison with HD-Diff
Download result as PDF
Personal onboarding call with Zoom
Collaboration with multiple people
Extended import options
Filter and Search functionality
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Templating & Release Engine
API Access

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