Diff as a Service (DaaS)Use our REST API to compare documents Diff as a Service (DaaS)Use our REST API to compare documents

Diff as a Service (DaaS)Use our REST API to compare documents


In comparison to standard diff algorithms, our HD-Diff algorithm compares on a per-character basis instead of a per-line basis. This allows for a much more fine-grained recognition of changes and better reconstruction of what exactly has been altered and in what fashion.

Conventional Diff

Comparison and visualisation available in conventional business software (e.g. Office 365, Google Docs).

Conventional Diff Visualisation

HD-Diff Comparison

HD-Diff: Comparison and visualisation of insertions, deletions, changes in formatting, moved blocks and even changes within those moved blocks.

HD-Diff Example Visualization


Versions to be compared are sent (as Multipart POST Request) to the EDITIVE REST-API.

Request: Supported document formats are PDF (scanned documents as well as text PDFs), DOCX (Office 365 & Google Docs Export), ODT (Libre Office & Open Office), Markdown, Text files and HTML.
Response: Diff result is returned as HTML, JSON or PDF.

HD Diff architecture


Yes, EDITIVE SaaS is hosted in a data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our goal is maximum security and reliability. Our data center meets highest standards in building security and fire protection and is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Yes, selected EDITIVE Platinum Partners have the option to deploy EDITIVE Core and REST API on their own infrastructure.

Make a difference

You are software developer and would like to know how to make “a difference” with EDITIVE HD-Diff technology? You have a use-case for which HD-Diff would be valuable? We’re looking forward scheduling a quick demo call (30-45 minutes) to discuss possible solutions.


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