From Open Source. To open Enterprise.

FAU Technology Spin-off

We are a technology spin-off of the Chair for Open Source Software at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).

What we have applied operationally at the Chair of Open Source Software, namely the possibilities of Git and GitHub in software development, we are introducing as the first start-up to the enterprise content collaboration market. For companies, the mechanisms of the Open Source environment result in completely new collaboration models.


With the Enterprise Content Collaboration platform EDITIVE supports companies in their digitalization in the New Work area. The Content Collaboration Platform, which is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), combines the possibility of focused work with crowd intelligence.

Our Vision

EDITIVE will enable enterprises
to focus on their goals,
to get commitment from all stakeholders and
to co-innovate like software engineers.

By knowing the difference.


Innovator #1. The only Open Source Chair worldwide.

“Open Source is the basis of the Internet and the new economic order.
the professorship for Open Source Software, EDITIVE and its
customers are leading this development.”
Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle – Professorship for Open Source Software – FAU and co-founder of EDITIVE

Our Mission

We as founders are inspired by the principles and mindset of open source software development and have taken up these mechanisms for collaboration in content projects. This is where EDITIVE’s current technology came from.

In today’s agile networked world, new challenges are coming to organizations at an ever faster pace. Increasing complexity reduces predictability and responsiveness becomes a critical factor. Today and in the future, companies that no longer work in silos but move in networks will have a head start. Share solutions publicly and benefit from the know-how of the network.

On the EDITIVE Open Innovation platform, as in software development, solutions are made public and shared so that they can be taken up and developed by others. This means that the wheel does not have to be constantly reinvented. And companies can maximize the value of their solutions. Everyone can access the current status, contribute their expertise and then make their solution available to others.

Our version is for EDITIVE “from Open Source to Open First ” as an open innovation platform for sharing content. For collaboration and co-innovation across company boundaries.

At the same time, EDITIVE deliberately leaves room for possibilities to diverge and come together again in the solution finding process. Incidentally, this has given rise to terms such as Design Thinking.
Increasingly more companies are finding inspiration in the design of responsive and lean organizations through the mechanisms of software development to develop rapid solutions in complex environments through input from the network.


Early Supporters

As a technology spin-off of FAU, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy supports our growth. One of our first supporters from the economy is Google.


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91052 Erlangen

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