New <strike>work</strike> <mark>flow</mark>.<br><mark>10x</mark> more efficient collaboration on documents. New <strike>work</strike> <mark>flow</mark>.<br><mark>10x</mark> more efficient collaboration on documents.

New work flow.
10x more efficient collaboration on documents.

Know the Difference

Professional versioning and comparison in seconds.
Not only seeing changes but understanding them.

EDITIVE Collaborate


10x better text comparisons using revolutionary HD-Diff algorithm.


Focus on change.
Unchanged content is faded out.


10x more efficient.
Understand differences immediately.

Make the Difference

Leverage proven principles from software development
for collaboration on documents:

The secret power is the ability to create branches
for distributed, uninterrupted editing,
following an automated merge to bringing everything together.

Shared root

Texts with a shared root. Documents are related. A protected data space for 10x focus.


Decentralized idea and solution development. Separate data room for each stakeholder.

Coming together

Merging of all branches happens mostly automatically, in particular with overlapping changes. Additionally all stakeholders gain full transparency and traceability at all times.

From Open Source. To Open Enterprise.

EDITIVE is a technology spin-off of the Open Source Chair of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Inspired by principles and the mindset of Open Source software development EDITIVE changes the way people work together in the enterprise environment – beyond company boundaries. As an Open Innovation Hub.

Ready for knowmaking
the difference?


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